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The Beef Cutout Calculator was developed to assist cattlemen in predicting approximate sub-primal yields and cutout values of beef cattle. The interactive format of the calculator allows for producers and the meat trade to rapidly vary carcass carcass/live weights, Yield Grades, and/or yield grade factors to ascertain expected cut-out weights and USDA Choice and USDA Select dollar values for all carcass cuts generated. USDA Choice and USDA Select prices/values remain current by uploading the past week’s USDA-AMS National Weekly Beef prices for Boxed Beef Cutout & Cuts – Negotiated Sales automatically. All cuts are trimmed to ¼ of an inch of fat.

Beef Cutout Calculator


Fat Thickness (FT)
Preliminary Yield Grade (PYG)

Hot Carcass Weight (HCW)
Live Weight

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Values generated are estimates based on averages of typical beef cattle slaughtered in the United States. Individual values may vary.

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